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DFW’S Premier Tribute Band for:

Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Metal/Radio Hits!

Members are:

Tony Larussa:                                            Guitars and Vocals

Paul VHguy DeFrancisco:                       Guitars and Vocals

Anthony Larussa:                                      Drums and Vocals

Rick Taylor:                                                Bass and Vocals

Band Info:

 The Blackbird Mafia is an on fire Arena Rock  Tribute act with immense energy and a charisma seldom seen in today’s live music scene. Each member has extensive live and studio experience and a passion to perform the music they play the way you heard it the first time. This band pays homage to the Rock Titans of yesterday and captures the essence of those bands in their live performance. Why hire a tribute band that covers one band when you can hire a band that does all of them, creating an electric atmosphere with a stellar performance and audience participation? This band sings and plays on a professional level and has performed over 1000 combined shows. The Blackbird Mafia is available for any venue, corporate event or private party and the band has their own Lighting and PA for a complete live experience that will leave you spent! The Blackbird Mafia will make ya’ an offer ya’ can’t refuse ;-)


Personal Band Gear:

Tony Larussa:  Blackstar JJN 20 Amplifiers, Gibson, Vintage guitars, Fractal Audio, Eventide, Electro Harmonix

Paul Vhguy DeFrancisco: Peavey Amplifiers, Charvel Guitars, (endorsed)  Kramer Guitars - TC Electronic, Ernie Ball, Keeley, Big Joe pedals.

Anthony Larussa: Yamaha Stage Custom drums – Zyldian/ Paiste Cymbals

Rick Taylor:   Vintage & Rickenbacker Basses, Mark Bass, Ampeg Amplifiers

The Blackbird Mafia are endorsed by Vintage Guitars and Big Joe Pedals

Email / Call or Forgeddaboudit!

Booking contact: Tony Larussa

Tel: 817-938-1326


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